The Greatest Rivalry

So.  It’s that time again.  The great North London derby.  The mighty Tottenham Hotspur take on our greatest enemy.  That team from down the road.  Arsenal.  <spit> 

  Yes, I’m a football nut.  Or soccer nut, if you’re American or Canadian.  Football.  The real football.  You know the one.  The game where the ball is actually played at your feet, and nobody can pick the ball up.  Well, except the goalkeepers.  And, of course, for throw-ins.

For the benefit of any American readers, take the rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.  Now times that rivalry by oh, say, 100.  Add in some pure hate.  Now you’re close to the rivalry between Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs for short) and Arsenal.  The game both sets of fans anticipate eagerly and dread at the same time.  There a few games in the English Premier League that come close to this intensity.  Like Manchester United versus Manchester City.  Or Manchester United versus Liverpool.  Or Liverpool versus Everton.  But none can quite match up to the explosive animosity between the two North London sides.

To be honest, Arsenal have been dominant for a few years now, ever since a certain French man took charge of them.  But that is changing.  Two seasons ago, we won 2-1 at home.  Last season we were 2-0 down at half time on Arsenal’s ground, but stormed back in the second half to win 3-2.  A fantastic result!  At home last season we ground out a 3-3 draw in a spectacular and hugely entertaining game.  We’re no easy team to beat these days.  We have som great players.  The explosive pace of Gareth Bale.  The predatory goal scoring instincts of Jermaine Defoe and Emanuel Adebayore.

This season, after a bad start, we’ve won our last 3 league games.  Meanwhile, that team have endured a tortuous start to the season, not least of which they lost 8-2 to Manchester United.  Hehehe.  Good result, that!  Though they did win their last game.  So Sunday’s match will be interesting, to say the least.  But then, our games always are.

So, on to Sunday.  Spurs play host to that team.  Here’s hoping for a good win for the mighty Spurs!


Do You Oligo?

How many of you take vitamin or mineral supplements?  Quite a few, right?  Here are a few facts you should know about vitamin and mineral supplements.  Let’s start with free radicals.

What are free radicals? 

 A free radical is a molecule that is missing an electron and tries to steal it from other molecules.  Too many free radicals can disrupt bodliy systems and can lead to health concerns.  Damage from free radical imbalance is a threat to anybody’s health.  To put it in layman’s terms…free radicals are bad!

What is an antioxidant? 

 Antioxidants are dietary supplements: including nutrients such as vitamin A, C and E, that can prevent damage to your body’s cells.  They work by significantly slowing or preventing the oxidative process (damage from oxygen) caused by free radicals which can lead to cell dysfunction.  Antioxidants may also improve the immune function.  In your body, the antioxidant process is similar to stopping an apple from browning.  Once you cut an apple, it begins to brown. But if you dip it in orange juice, which contains Vitamin C, it stays white.

Why do we need supplements in your diet?

As few as 20% of adults eat the recommended daily amount of fruit and vegetables, the greatest source of natural vitamins and minerals.  our bodies cannot create these essential nutrients. 

What is the problem with traditional vitamin supplements?

 Did you know that the nutrients in traditional multivitamins that aren’t bound to organic compounds tend to crystallize in the intestines, making them difficult for the body to absorb?  And that minerals that are unbound cause an increase of free radical activity.  The antioxidants in your body (Vitamin A, C and E) are forced to eliminate the free radicals, thus robbing them of some of their potency before they are absorbed. 

So what is Oligo?

Oligo, or Oligofructose Complex is a mineral delivery system that organically binds amino acids and oligofructose complex with minerals in a unique complex for maximum nutrient solubility and antioxidant protection.  Oligofructose complex delivers minerals in a way that mirrors the way they can be found naturally in fruits and vegetables and other whole foods.

Oligofructose complex can only be obtained from one company.  They have patented it and are making it available to those who want it.  Contact me if you would like to learn more.  By the way, my personal experience with oligofructose complex?  I am diabetic.  My diabetes has been out of control for a while.  My fasting sugar was consistently in the low 200’s for a long while.  Since I started taking oligofructose complex multivitamins, my fasting sugar has been consistently much lower.  Even as low as 135.  Since I have been taking oligo, my fasting sugar has been nowhere near the 200’s.  Am I claiming oligofructose complex can cure diabetes?  No.  Am I saying oligofructose complex can help control the problem?  In my case it seems to.



How Important Is Your Health and Wellness?

How important is your health and general well-being to you? What about the health of your family?

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